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Approaching The Viral Nest.
Note the thin atmosphere as an halo around the planet.

Flying above the planet.
We can see the farthest moon and the games of light of the nebula that hides the planet.

Looking for a place to land.

Walking on the ridges of The Viral Nest.
Searching for a path to go down.
See the little moon rising.
Finally, the inner part of the crater
Walking on the long path towards the base of the crater.
A little more down we begin to see the eroded soil material.

Sometimes a corrosive, thick rain falls on The Viral Nest. Due to the nature of soil, the liquid stay still for months and erodes the ground.

Two images taken from the same location showing the dawn on The Viral Nest. The thin atmospheres makes the shadows dark with sharp edges.

Some images of the first artifact we found on the planet and comments on its function.

Walking down to the first artifact

Close images of the first artifact

The first base

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