This is the first image of what we called the First Artifact (FA)
The image was taken by an automated drone
flying on the planet a little above the highest mountains to create a photographic map of the landing area.
A crew member (with nothing better to do) was looking at the images the drone was sending to the orbit ship in near-real-time.
Immediately he took control of the machine and manually drive it down more close to the artifact to take the other images you can see in this page.
The FA position is latitude 8°48' N (near the equatorial line) & longitude 122°28' W.

This is the first artifact we find on the planet and the people here are very excited.
They immediately began to make hypothesis about the nature of the object.
We call the first "the technological hypothesis": could this building have a technological function? Could it be a pumping station or a sort of extraction platform? Or maybe a reasearch station reporting data somewhere?
This analogies came to mind observing that the object is under the water line, as you can clearly see looking at the next image.
It means that, if the rains are abundant, the FA could be submerged. As you know and can see on images on the previous pages, we already observed rain on the planet, but not here and we have not still understood the climatic cycle.
In every case, during the "rainy season", the FA is totally or partly submerged, or even very closed to the waters. This could be its real function. The FA is now silent on all the energy and transmission bands, but could awake in the presence of the rainy liquid (as you know, it's not really water).
Another problem is that the FA is isolated. No other building is found on its closeness, so how can it send around his products, if any? Well, on earth and other planets we have seen many examples of isolated energy producers, but here we cannot find the minimun sign of some activities around it. No tubes, no transmission devices, no landing runaway, no roads and it's to think that the whole communication system is underground. Why? It could have sense only if, for some reason, the whole civilisation is underground, and the FA is only a surface outpost but the terrain radars of the orbit ship should have detect it.
So there is a second idea that we call "the aestethical/philosophical hypothesis": the FA does nothing. It's only a cultural/aestethical signal, maybe with a religious/
philosophical meaning, like the ancient egyptian sphink, the eiffel tower or the skyscrapers are (yes, people live on skyscrapers, but there is no need to build it except the cultural meaning; people could also live on less high and more comfortable houses).
Of course the FA's isolation is still a problem. Why build a great cultural sign where nobody can see it without a long journey?
Someone suggest that the journey could be the meaning, but t
he FA's isolation is such a problem that people begin to call it the FLA (first lonesome artifact).

The whole complex is BIG! Well, all is big on this planet, but it's really impressive to see this dimensions on a building.
The radius of the ring is 7.8 Km (about 4.8 miles) and the pipe is 700 m wide (765 yards), so the whole circle area would be approximately 17 Km (10 miles) wide if nearly half were not buried.
At present, we don't know if the circle continues underground.

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